[Canadian Military Brat List]

About the Brat List

The purpose of this list is to be a database for people raised by Canadian military parents (ie, Military Brats). Its main aim is to help us find childhood acquaintances.

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Mailing List

A new mailing list has been set up, more as an announce list for this site then anything, but also as a means for ppl to keep in touch while we rebuild the site. To subscribe, just send a message with the word 'subscribe' in it to members-request@milbrats.net

Other Places

Click here for other places for Brats to go on the web. This page includes my policy for adding links to this site.


  • The Brat List is created and maintained by a fellow Brat, Susan Minaker
  • Web Space provided through hub.org by another fine Brat, Marc G. Fournier